Should You Resell A Digital Course That You Didn’t Create?

The trend of reselling digital courses has surged within the digital marketing sphere in recent months, capturing the attention of many. While it may not necessarily be an unfavourable choice for some, it could potentially be the ideal solution for you, provided it aligns with your specific goals and criteria. There’s a lot less work involved in reselling compared to creating. You can potentially earn an income in a very short period of time as it typically requires minimal upfront investment compared to creating your own course from scratch.

Reselling someone else’s digital course can also provide valuable insights and learning opportunities as you observe how successful courses are created, marketed, and sold. Which nets you valuable knowledge and experience that can inform your own course creation efforts in the future.

While reselling someone else’s course may seem like a tempting shortcut, creating your own digital course offers a host of advantages that can enhance your long-term business success and personal fulfillment.

Here are several compelling reasons why it’s better to create your own digital course rather than simply reselling someone else’s.

Authenticity and Originality

When you create your own digital course, you have the opportunity to infuse it with your unique voice, perspective, and expertise. This authenticity not only sets your course apart from the competition but also establishes you as a credible authority in your niche.

Tailored Content

By creating your own course, you can tailor the content to meet the specific needs, interests, and learning preferences of your target audience. This level of customization ensures maximum relevance and value, leading to higher engagement and satisfaction among your students.

Flexibility and Control

When you create your own digital course, you have full control over every aspect of the process, from course content and curriculum design to pricing, marketing, and distribution. This flexibility allows you to adapt and iterate based on feedback, market trends, and your own evolving expertise. This level of control allows you to update, upgrade and evolve your course with current trends as your niche changes. Having the flexibility to do that means your course stays relevant for years, and potentially decades to come. Your initial work can pay you for a lifetime, with minimal effort to upgrade it.

Branding and Positioning

Creating your own digital course enables you to build and promote your personal brand, establishing yourself as a thought leader and expert in your field. This branding not only attracts more students but also opens up opportunities for speaking engagements, collaborations, and partnerships. A digital course you create can be a stepping stone for opportunities down the road, as you are the only one selling what you’ve created.

Higher Profit Margins

While reselling someone else’s course may offer quick profits, creating your own course allows you to capture a larger share of the revenue. Without having to split earnings with the original creator, you can maximize your profit margins and reinvest in further growth and development.

Long-Term Growth Potential

By creating your own digital course, you’re investing in your own intellectual property and assets that can generate passive income for years to come. As you continue to refine and expand your course offerings, you can build a sustainable business that grows in value over time.

Quality Control

When you create your own digital course, you can ensure the highest standards of quality and relevance throughout the entire learning experience. This attention to detail not only enhances the value proposition for your students but also safeguards your reputation as a trusted provider of educational content, now and long into the future.

Innovation and Creativity

Creating your own digital course allows you to unleash your creativity and innovate in ways that resonate with your audience, both within your content creation and your branding. Whether experimenting with new teaching methods, incorporating multimedia elements, or addressing emerging trends, you have the freedom to push the boundaries and stand out in a crowded market.

Personal Fulfillment

Finally, creating your own digital course can be an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling experience. As you share your knowledge, expertise, and passion with others, you have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of your students and contribute to their personal and professional growth.

So, while reselling someone else’s course may offer short-term benefits, creating your own digital course provides numerous advantages in terms of authenticity, customization, control, profitability, and long-term growth potential. By investing the time and effort to create something truly unique and valuable, you position yourself for success in the competitive world of online education. If creating a digital course of your own is something that appeals to you, or if you want to learn more about what course creation looks like, I have a masterclass that you can register for by clicking here.

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