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Learn to navigate and excel on Instagram, build meaningful connections, and witness your brand flourish in a platform where millions thrive. Take the first step towards social media success tailored for the heart and hustle of today’s entrepreneurial woman.

Hello, Visionary Mama.

Are you nurturing a brand or message on Instagram, but your echo chamber is alarmingly quiet? Are your heartfelt posts greeted with silence instead of the vibrant engagement you yearn for? Believe it or not, there's a better approach that won't leave you glued to your screen. 

Instagram alone boasts millions of users, creating a bustling world at our fingertips. But with everyone vying for attention, visibility becomes a quest.

If the mere mention of Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and their kin triggers social media fatigue, you're not alone. In the digital era, social platforms are the new frontier for business growth and establishing expertise. Yet, knowing how to navigate these waters as a savvy marketer is not innate to every gifted entrepreneur like you. Social media has evolved. Simpler times have been eclipsed by a clamorous digital space where excellence in content is no longer enough.

The solution isn't to scatter your efforts thin across every platform. Quality and strategy are your allies.

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Instagram Intensive

  • Cultivating Your Community: Hone your expertise in the realm of Instagram. Discover how to identify and resonate with your dedicated followers, and sculpt a unique space for your brand amidst a bustling digital crowd.
  • Fortifying Your Foundations: Learn to either establish or polish your Instagram identity to enchant your ideal audience. Embrace and leverage Instagram’s unique features to benefit your personal branding.
  • Choreographing Your Content: Become proficient in planning your posts by employing strategies that align with Instagram’s distinct rhythm. Craft content that not only captures attention but also attracts clients, transcending beyond mere likes and emojis.
  • Igniting Engagement: Immerse yourself in the art of building genuine relationships. Understand how to foster meaningful engagement and keep your community captivated through sincere and impactful interactions.
instagram intensive

Say goodbye to the overwhelming guesswork and say hello to focused, potent techniques that will help elevate your Instagram game.

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Meet Your Instructor

Meet Leigh McSwan, your dedicated guide on this transformative journey. With a deep passion for women's empowerment and financial independence, Leigh brings a wealth of experience and insight to the table. As a holistic mamapreneur herself, she intimately understands the challenges and dreams of mothers striving to leave a legacy for their families. Drawing from years of expertise in digital course creation, Leigh has honed a proven system designed to empower women like you to transform ideas into income-generating assets.

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