How to Structure Your Day As A Digital Course Creator

How To Structure Your Day Now That You’re A Course Creator


You’ve created your first digital course on evergreen! Hurray! The handwork and long days of the creative process have wrapped and now you have your systems, funnels and email list working for you behind the scenes, so what’s left to do now?

Well, I believe in the daily routine to help you remain a disciplined business owner with 2 primary objectives: nurturing your students and generating new leads. 

If you haven’t yet created a digital course, that’s ok! This post is still for you! You can use it as inspiration for what your life could be like, 90 days from now when you have your digital course up and running on automation. It can serve as a strong motivator to create a life that aligns with your family’s values and goals, while still maintaining growth within your wellness business.

Every day, the work you do in your business needs to be focused on those two goals. The easiest way to do this, according to endless business gurus, self-made millionaires and happy entrepreneurs is through the art of the daily routine that allows you to work smarter, with laser focus and intention by structuring your day in a way that is conducive to working less hours so you can enjoy the life you’ve worked so hard to build.

Your day should be structured around your top priorities. 

You need to figure out what you can do to consistently deliver value (nurture) your existing students and how you can generate more leads (get more students). 

How do you do this? Let’s take a look…

Nurturing Existing Students

To nurture your existing students, I believe you need to focus on being better and better at what you specialize in. You should be spending some time each working day, doing a little bit of research in your field. Learn about the growth, development and changes in your industry so that you can continue to adapt, improve and stay current with your course material. Study your niche, know your niche, and grow into it more and more, as often as you can.

You may want to update your digital course if you haven’t done so recently, you may want to include a new bonus or mini-course too. Your research and studying of your niche and your students will only help you improve your signature product as you learn more, or as important changes come up, share them with your students by updating your course. 

Depending on your niche (like law, design, tech or social media), you may need to do this frequently, such as every quarter, and less if you’re in a field like education (maybe annually). 

You can also nurture your students by staying up-to-date and active in your private group or members suite. This can also mean nurturing through emails, regular blog posts and ongoing education.


Generating New Leads

Generating new leads often looks like creating more free content to capture email addresses and putting them into funnels for future sales. This could also mean doing collaborations with other experts in your field, via podcasts, guest blogging, in-person speaking at an event or doing a social media marketing campaign. 

Another option is to spend time growing on other social media platforms or improving your website’s SEO to garner more organic traffic. 

These 2 goals in your business need to be done first before you move on to other less important work like social media and emails.

Why Follow a Daily Routine?

I’m going to share with you my daily routine because as you likely know by now, I teach what I know and what I know is what I do. Like always, I want to encourage you to adapt to what you wish, take what you need and leave what you don’t. I’ve spent years playing around with various (flexible) routines that have helped me get dialled into the work I need to get done so I have more time with my family, more time for myself and continue loving my business and the people I get to serve (like you!). 

My daily routine is built around more than just business, but every step, process and action I take, I have concluded, only leads to being a better business owner with a business that continues to scale.

Not every day will be the same, but below you will see what a typical day looks like.

This daily routine keeps me creative, it keeps me growing, learning and in a calm state so that I never feel pressured or rushed to do anything, anymore.

As a recovering procrastinator, I want to encourage you to get disciplined and try a consistent daily routine 5 days a week for a month and evaluate how a simple flow feels, how your nervous system settles, how you start enjoying the simplicity and the gift of making fewer decisions (this is a big one for those of us who suffer with staying focused). To help you do this I’ve created a daily routine worksheet for you to create your own routine. Print off as many copies as you like (at least a month’s worth), or, edit and save a copy in Canva for a digital option, and start implementing a daily routine. 


Daily Flow

4:45-5:00 am: Wake up (this is very much a Costa Rican thing, in Canada, I rise much later!), hydrate, and fill out The 5-Minute Journal , meditate, affirmations, visualizations – grab the book, The Miracle Morning for a full morning practice

5:30 am: Sit with collagen coffee and read

6:00 am: Walk the dogs

6:30 am: Get ready for the day while listening to a business or personal growth podcast/audiobook

7:00-7:45 am: Feed the dogs, get the kids up and fed, have a high-protein breakfast, and take supplements

8:00 am: Me time: gym, walk, beach, sound bowls, pickleball etc.

10:00 am: Work day begins. Depending on the day I focus on 1-2 important tasks that help with nurturing existing students and lead generation, such as: write content for the blog and create freebies; update course, work on new bonuses, and conduct research

11:00 am: Create and post social media content, reply to DMs, and check emails

11:30 am: Vision cast—sit in silence, outdoors, generating ideas, dreaming, and planning, with a notebook

12:00 pm: Lunch

12:30-3:00 pm: Personal time

3:00-5:00 pm: Family time—after-school sports, time with friends, etc.

5:30 pm: Cook and eat dinner

7:00 pm: Tidy up, do laundry, and prep for the next day; evening skincare and self-care routine

8:00 pm: Chill time—TV, reading, board games, etc.

8:30 pm: Bedtime—gratitude journal, read

8:45 pm: Husband removes my glasses and turns off all the lights 😉

Asleep by 9:00 pm: Non-negotiable during the week!


Tips for Creating Your Own Daily Schedule

  1. Prioritize Nurturing Your Warm Market and Focus on Lead Generation: Focus your work hours on these key tasks before anything else.
  2. Be Realistic: Your schedule should allow for flexibility. You may need more general timelines instead of strict time slots.
  3. Stay Flexible: Life happens. Give yourself grace and adjust as needed.
  4. Adapt as You Learn: Refine your routine based on what works best for you.
  5. Remain Consistent: Stick to your routine for a month and evaluate its effectiveness.

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By structuring your day effectively, with a solid daily routine, you’ll find a balance that allows you to thrive both personally and professionally. Start implementing a consistent daily routine and see how it transforms your productivity and overall well-being.


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