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Support Animal Welfare: El Refugio Hogar Animal Costa Ballena

El Refugio Hogar Animal Costa Ballena 

"The Refuge Animal Home of Costa Ballena"

Founded in early 2017, El Refugio Hogar Animal Costa Ballena, meaning "The Refuge Animal Home of Costa Ballena," stands as the sole animal rescue organization in the Costa Ballena region of southern Costa Rica. We operate as a non-profit, no-kill animal rescue organization, powered entirely by dedicated volunteers, including our board of directors.

Every donation received directly contributes to the ongoing welfare of the animals under our care. Additionally, El Refugio benefits from the generous support of Friends of El Refugio, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization based in the U.S., making donations tax-deductible for U.S. taxpayers.

Leigh's Story:

A New Family Member

On September 25,2023, we brought home a new family member, our rescued street dog from Uvita Costa Rica!

Oddly enough, when we were at the beach on Saturday we saw 2 women come up to us, overjoyed and saying, “Abuelo! Abuelo!”

Abuelo means Grandpa in Spanish and that’s what Manuel was known as in the village. We managed to communicate and learned that she was caring for him when he was on the streets.
He was hit by a car and disappeared for a while but he eventually returned to her and shortly afterwards she realized he had been harmed which is when she called @elrefugiocostaballena who took him in in March of this year. The woman, Edith, added me to WhatsApp and shared some pictures of him prior to his rescue. They’re in my stories. She quite literally saved his life and we’re forever grateful for her kindness.

Although he had a very sad history, you’d never know it! He’s so loving, gentle, calm and is simply the goodest boy 🐶 We’re so lucky to have him!

Please remember to donate any amount you possibly can to help save the lives of more dogs and cats @elrefugiocostaballena who work tirelessly to deal with an overpopulation or in homes animals. Any amount makes a difference and if you can, consider signing up for regular, monthly contributions which can be done through their website. Medical care, food and shelter isn’t possible without communal help from you! 💛

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Want to give more than the 5% donation from initials sales here on Learn how you can support the El Refugio Costa Bellena in Costa Rica rescue efforts, spay/neuter clinics, educational programs, and community outreach initiatives.